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Art, Design, Media, Web & SharePoint … by Stefan Bauer
6. June 2014

Typography First – Make your SharePoint content readable and compelling


The first thing when I start a new branding project I first make myself familiar with the fonts I want to use. This is because I want to see how they work on some basic text elements an if the text is readable. In general the overall typography is the most important factor to success […]

29. May 2014

The future of SharePoint Branding


What are the challenges we are facing in the future and how can we address a consistent user experience throughout SharePoint, Apps and Office. I think we should find new ways to establish a solid system based on design systems and DRY (Don’t repeat yourself)

24. January 2014

Safer request form fields in list forms using JQuery


Mark Anderson published today an article on his blog concerning an issue that currently exists in Office 365 and is called “Office 365 Update Changes ‘Display Name’ on Required Fields”. In this article he described that the rendering of fields recently have been changed in Office 365. I will take a look what can be done to solve this probably.

23. January 2014

Tips & Tricks: Add attachments to list items faster


Recently, while I was working on a solution that works with attachments of list items, I accidentally discovered a faster way to add attachments to a list item. This option is hidden in the ribbon and allows to add attachments directly from the list view.

12. January 2014

Optimise HTML Output of the Rich Text Editor – “-ms-Element” explained


One big prejudice is that SharePoint is not capable to produce clean HTML output via the rich text editor. This was somewhat true with the previous versions of SharePoint. In SharePoint 2013 this has improved and can output all basic text elements without any additional style sheet classes. How is this possible? By using the […]